Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something New!!!!!

So I've decided I want to display my private conversations with myself to the rest of the world. It makes me feel like I actually have friends. Sort of. In a creepy way I guess. This is my intro into My Vicious Life. An episode will soon follow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Could it be the deliciously filling $1.50 tacos at Marix in West Hollywood? The $3.95 freshly made margaritas at El Criollo in Van Nuys? Or is it the rush I get when I vigorously shake my iphone to see the randomly picked Happy Hour that my cool app, conveniently called, Happy Hours displays??

Look, I don't have one solid answer. All I know is, I have an obsession with Happy Hour!! I am constantly finding myself opening the app just to be nosey and see what cool offers are going on that I can not get to. Since my foot surgery, my outings have been limited and maybe that's another reason I get so excited by the cheap thrills of Happy Hour. It's unexplainable and it's almost frustrating at the same time. But boy do I love it.

The first step is admitting you have a problem. But do I? Is it so wrong to want to find two or sometimes three hours of bliss everyday? The crazy part? Half the time, I don't even go to the happy hours, I just go through the list and my eyes light up and that's an accomplishment in itself. I get off on the app!!! Maybe that came out wrong. You get what I'm trying to say, right? (blushing)

I am a young woman living in LA who frequently travels and this app has done wonders for my palate, not to mention my social life. When family is in town to visit or I have a meeting to take, I shake the app and like magic, a wonderful location appears. I've opened newbies eyes to great things. Half price appetizers, 2 for 1 drinks and fun atmospheres.

The point of this write up is to now open your eyes!! Take a chance and DON'T fight the addiction. Yes, passerby's may think you're crazy when you shake your iphone or jump for joy over the $7 tapas at the normally pricey Crustacean in Beverly Hills. But in the words of my Aunt, "They're just jealous!"

Oh and I didn't even mention the great part... the app is absolutely FREE!!! Yes, you too can lose your marbles and reap the benefits of this marvel called Happy Hour for nothing!!! To tempt you even more I've added photos from different Happy Hours.

So in the end I'm not crazy!!! Obsessed? YES! I've made being frugal cool! I love a great bargain! If I can get a whole meal and drinks for under $10, I'm the winner here, folks! Hop aboard the train. I won't judge you. We all have a sick obsession and I'm not afraid to admit mine. So there!

El Criollo - $3.95 (margarita & fresh muddled strawberry colada)

El Criollo - Picadillo Beef, rice & beans, plantains (full price but DELICIOUS)

Borracho Cantina - 2 for 1 on ALL drinks plus complimentary chips and salsa (this is a freshly muddled jalapeno margarita)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Moonwalk

It's 15 minutes past midnight and I am wide awake. Seeing as how my vigilante days are over, my nights now consist of playing Scrabble on the iphone. Don't judge me. Tonight, nothing has changed except I am simultaneously playing and searching online for the latest news of the world. I came across a title that read: 'MJ fans plan one-minute dance to mark anniversary of Jackson's death' I was immediately drawn to the article.

It seems like just yesterday I was performing for the first time at YoYo in London. I had just finished my set, downed a shot of tequila and then I got the news. Michael Jackson had passed away. It was as if time had stood still and my heart had crumbled into tiny pieces all over the basement floor. I never had the chance to meet Michael or go to a concert but I, like so many people around the world had that special connection with him. He was the man!! The King of Pop.

I had those sparkly socks when I was just a small child. I can't help but wonder why no one got me those sparkly gloves? My parents will be getting a call about that. Anyhow that is besides the point. Michael was an icon. His legacy touched so many and he left an imprint that will never fade.

The article from News Of The World said fans from all over the world will participate in a one-minute moonwalk tribute to the King of Pop. A fan said, "We didn't think a Minute's Silence would be the right way to remember the King of Pop. So, at 9.30pm on June 25th, we'll be doing a Minute's Moonwalk."

I think this is a brilliant idea and much more fitting than a moment of silence. The fans pulling together to make this happen have also started a facebook group (FacebookMoonwalk) which allows you to join and take part in the remembrance.

I have NEVER been able to moonwalk BUT I will definitely make a video and share it here on my blog. If you have a video tribute for Michael Jackson, be sure to support the facebook page and moonwalk!!

It's always great to see people come together. I'm a huge supporter of all things positive and thoughtful. Sure, you can watch the Hills or go read a celeb blog and see who has their cottage cheese out this week. But why not join together with other fans to pay tribute to a legend who has changed music and I'm sure in a lot of cases, lives. Can't wait to see your videos!!

For the full article: MJ Moonwalk Tribute

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My hoodie is on and I've still got my 10% alcohol content generic Nyquil in my holster. I've been on YouTube listening to Pac creations. Head bobbin', lyrics spittin (Yes, I may have been a dude in my past life.) haha!!!

Eminem and Jay-Z are my two all time favorite hip hop/mainstream artists and have definitely inspired my music. *disclaimer: Shameless self promotion in 5, 4, 3, 2.... Oh you didn't know I was an artist? Why yes you can hear my music. Just go to (AND SCENE)

BUT!!!! No one, I mean, no one compares to the rawness and talent of 2 PAC. Today would have been his 39th birthday. In honor of his legend, I'm playing 2 PAC all day. Below is one of my favorite songs from him. It was and still is an eye opener. I remember when it first came out, I had it on repeat. It stuck with me and it still has the same affect today.



WATERWORLD - In real life

Unfortunately for my tired body, I woke up at 6:50am with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Yet fortunately for my tired body, I've got zicam nose swabs and my trusty bottle of Rite Aid brand Nyquil, excuse me, Nite Time Cold/Flu formula. The best part of waking up is 10% alcohol in your cup!!!

Anyhow, onto the real news. Since I'm one of those people who can't fall back asleep for fear I may miss something, I decided to visit google. Ah yes, the master of all. I have been loosely following the BP Oil Spill. Which I am ashamed to admit. I should be closely following the story. Just because I'm not directly affected yet doesn't mean I won't be in the near future. With that said, I happily stumbled upon a story online with the heading ...

BP oil spill: Kevin Costner's oil-water separation machines help with clean-up

Even Costner was quick to admit:

"It may seem an unlikely scenario that I'm the one delivering this technology at this moment in time, but from where I'm sitting, it is equally inconceivable that these machines are not already in place,"

Look, I don't care if the Geico gecko brings help to the table. It's help and that is exactly what we need in order to clean this horrific mess up. Kudos to Costner who has spent $24 million since the 90's to create these devices with the help of his scientist brother. I love when high profile people not only donate money to causes they are passionate about but also devote their lives to better something.

The devices, manufactured by Ocean Therapy Solution, separates the oil from the water. It then stores the oil in tanks. Once the separation occurs, "The water is then more than 99% clean of crude."(

BP spokesman Bill Salvin confirmed the company has contracted with Costner and Ocean Therapy Solutions to use the machines. (

Salvin concluded, "We recognised they had potential and put them through testing, and that testing was done in shallow water and in very deep water and we were very pleased by the results," (

So, now that the 10% alcohol in my Nite Time cold is kicking in, I am going to end with this...

Help is a means to save or make something better. It may not always work and in some cases it may not be the help we need. But in the end, it's help. Another answer that we may not have thought of. The BP Oil Spill is and has ruined so much of our oceans and wildlife. Not to mention has put fishermen/women out of work and has left tourism in certain areas to suffer. It is scary and it needs to be resolved immediately. Too much destruction has already taken place.

I hope BP continues to test other devices that could possibly stop this horrific oil spill and push their pride aside and save our oceans, marine life and everyone affected. This is a great move forward. At this point, if we don't try, we'll never know.


**To read the entire story or find out more on the BP oil spill and how you can help. Go to the sites listed below.

*photo taken from Miller/News

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kaiser, again?!

It's Thursday, May 27. Only four days have past since my foot surgery and I've already had to get on those damn aluminum crutches and get my ass back to Kaiser hospital because of complications. Luckily it was only a migraine. I'm prone to them so I wasn't too alarmed but better safe then sorry. I got a shot in my backside and moments later the pain subsided. AMEN!
So now I'm back at my sister's apartment on Betty White (my white Sony Vaio) typing away, sending emails and updates on good old twitter. I also just stumbled upon my channel on ( ha! Don't you hate when people say stumble? As if I was wasn't google'ing my name or something! Poppy cock! Where did I hear that word? A friend? Not sure but I like it.
Well, besides my foot smelling like Fisherman's Wharf on a hot summer day in San Fran, not much else is going on. But, like everyday in my life, each minute there is change and chaos. So, stay posted. WELCOME TO MY VICIOUS LIFE!